Mire Data

California has one of the largest roadway networks in the U.S. with approximately 170,000 local road centerline miles and 15,000 State Highway System (SHS) centerline miles. Caltrans is predominantly responsible for the SHS, not all public roads. The non-SHS is owned and maintained by more than 500 local and tribal entities, so data integration with all large and small agencies will be a challenge for California.

Federal mandates have stressed the importance of safety data for all public roads and required States to have a safety data system that can be used to store and provide access to the MIRE data elements and enhance Caltrans and the local agencies’ capabilities to adopt performance-based goals.

Caltrans is underway in developing a data warehouse for California’s public roadways and to upgrade to a new Transportation System Network (TSN) which will allow for geospatial capability to link all safety data (collision, roadway, and traffic volume).